okeford hill bike park

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Our uplift

We offer one of the only uplifts in the whole of the south of England, providing a quick friendly turn around using our Land Rover defenders and custom built trailers.

The uplift itself only takes 5minuets from bottom to top, which means throughout the day you’ll easily be able to get close to completing 20 runs. They uplift stops for lunch normally around 12:30pm. If you arrived in the morning and bought a half day uplift pass, this is when your half day finishes. Or if you've just arrived this is when you half day starts.

To book your uplift please call the shop on 01747 850266

£25 for a full day 

£15 for a half day

Book ONLINE...

Booking Instructions...

  1. Find the date you want to attend.
  2. Click on Book Now!
  3. Enter the Number of tickets you wish to purchase.
  4. Click 'Order now'.
  5. Enter your First Name, last Name and email address and click 'Pay with Paypal' where you will be directed to Paypal for secure payment - follow the instructions.
  6. Once payment is complete you'll be asked to fill in your details, details of your group (if any), emergency contact details and agree to the rules. (You will also be emailed a link to your tickets). 
  7. You can then either print these off or bring them with you on your smart phone (ALL RIDERS MUST SIGN IN).

If you have any problem please make a note of your booking reference and bring with you to the main hut on the day (Or you can print off the sign in form here: DOWNLOAD SIGN IN FORM (PDF Opens in new window)