okeford hill bike park

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Trail Map at Okeford Hill Bike Park

The favourites are back! Wiggly Woo, Big Grin, Tsubo, Devil’s Dyke, HSE and Dark Side and the 4x track. All have been tidied up with some additional sections, jumps, bumps and rock gardens. Check out the park map. You can also download it as a PDF here

TRAIL MAP Okeford 2020

Okeily Dokily - Our newest trail, a series of tabletops starting off around 2m and then building up in size as they progress. A great trail to work on your jumping technique if you've just started or go big and stylish if you've already got the skills. Has it's own dedicated push up track next to it to allow for easy sessioning. 


Wiggly Woo- is a fun track for all abilities, as you are sat on the start ramp you take the left corner. Once round the corner theres a small root section that continues into a series of bermed corners afterwards there are a couple of rollers before you go out into the field briefly. Once back in the woods the track splits left or right. Left contains more bermed corners, right has 3 medium table tops. Both tracks join up again before dropping down to the uplift track which you cross to join Big Grin.

Big Grin- is a wide track that joins on to the finish of wiggly woo, it contains 4 very large bermed corners with table tops between each corner, it seems to be most people’s favourite due to how user friendly it is as you can go as fast or as slow as you like as the jumps are suitable for all abilities. At the end of Big Grin there are some larger tabletops you’ll see on the left a smaller line of jumps.


Flowter - Flowter is our most accessible trail with plenty of berms and rollable jumps, but the faster you go the better it becomes, making it great to warm up on for even the most experienced riders.

 HSE- again from the start ramp turn left, once you come back in from field stay on the right track over the tabletops. Instead of dropping down on the uplift track you’ll go through a skinny set of trees that run alongside the uplift track, once through that section you’ll see a small rock garden which contains a small drop. Afterwards the hill steepens the corners are more natural and rutted into the hill instead of built up out of the hill. Towards the end of HSE you’ll come across a set of rutted corners that come in quick succession after the 3rd right hand corner there is a 4ft drop onto roots (to the right misses the drop) after the next corner the tracks hips to the right (again go to the right to miss the hip). Once you get to the path please go right and you’ll be 70 yds away from the uplift.   

Darkside- is our most technical track containing rock gardens, drops, steps, step downs, steep root sections and a road gap. You join Darkside after the second roller of Wiggly Woo, you’ll first come across a small rock garden before dropping on to the uplift track. On the other side of uplift track is a 4 ft drop into a right hand corner (go to the right to miss the drop). You’ll then drop down the hill through another rock garden. The track then round to the left where a set of steps are before the step down (go to the right to miss the step down) after this section you traverse the hill before it drops into a steep rooty right corner. You’ll then enter a set of offset drops that lead into another root section before a small drop into a right hand corner. You're now on the flatter section of this track. You’ll find a step down to step up before a long straight containing stumps roots and rock gardens before finishing on the road gap.

Devils Dike- you’ll need to take the right hand corner off the start ramp go over the first tabletop of the 4x track then peel off to the left where you’ll see a wooden sender (go round the right hand side to avoid) after you land you’ll be into a couple of rock gardens one before the fire road and one after, you’ll then find a series of large bermed corners with root sections between before them.the 3rd corner you come to is a very rooty corner best bet stop a look for a line first, you’ll then come to chalky corner. A large open chalk corner to the right with a small catcher at the bottom be careful in the wet. Once thru those corners you can either join darkside before the 2nd step down or continue on Devils Dike which flattens out to a very fast straight with a few small drops and roots before a large road gap at the finish.

TSUBO- is a very technical track filled with hairpin corners and root sections, again take the right hand corner of the start ramp over the first tabletop of the 4x track peel off left but instead of going over the Devils Dike sender you’ll see the track goes to the right and follows down the side of the 4x track which you’ll cross briefly as it then takes you to a small road gap before the hill starts to drop away, after the road gap you’ll see some stumps and roots before the track drops to the to left (very steep) once down there you’ll enter a set of hair pin corners which contains different lines and roots. Towards the bottom of TSUBO there is a small drop (2ft Maximum) once over that drop your on the final section of the track which has a few roots but a long finishing straight where you can gain some speed up before the turning circle.

Roy - Great on all types of bikes from hardtails to DH rigs, Roy is the next step up after Flowter. Starting off the some flowy berms and small drops it then enters a wooded section where carrying your speed is vital. Line choice and momentum are the name of the game here, after that it drops down into a steeper, techier rooty section, again with plenty of line options from easier but slower to straight but harder, before spitting you out right where the uplift picks you up.


4X- the 4X track is wide track based on a BMX track with a mixture of tabletops step-ups, step-downs and rollers all connected with 3 large berms.

Full Face Helmets & Gloves are highly recommended. A helmet (of some kind) MUST be worn if you wish to ride at Okeford Hill (on ANY trail).

This is due to the flinty nature of the ground and the steepness of the lower half of the park we recommend a full face helmet, if you choose to ride in a non full face helmet you do so at your own risk.

We also recommend that knee, elbow and back protection are worn on the DH trails. The park is on very flinty ground so pad up please to avoid injuries!