okeford hill bike park

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Welcome to the Okeford Hill Bike Park!!

Okeford Hill Bike Park Open For 2021

We have big plans for 2021. They are slightly delayed but we are ready to get going. 

Okeford will challenge your riding skills with some of the best technical trails.

Our ambition is to make the easy trails easier and the hard trails even more challenging with enough inbetween to work your way up to them.

Uplift will be open every weekend and other days to be anounced. We close for extreme weather conditons and refund appropriatly.

Okeford runs have a vertical drop of 125 metres; So 8 runs is the hight of Snowdon and its easy to clock up 20 runs in an Okeford Uplift day. 

Add some serious gravity to your biking


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